Fennessy Consulting Services

Cost Management

We understand the need and provide the expertise to control cost - not merely monitor it - throughout all project phases.

  • Prepare a cost model and budget cost plan for the project
  • Establish construction budget, contingent risk profiles and cash flow projections
  • Analyze alternative procurement strategies and schedule scenarios to illuminate cost impacts
  • Integrate your own costs and facility life cycle projections into the cost mode

  • Evaluate the design and construction decisions made throughout the design phases against the cost model, reconcile deviations, coordinate value management actions, and check sustainable design cost performance. Update phase estimates.
  • Prepare estimates in trade format for comparison with eventual bid results.
  • Perform further value studies and cost options for potential use against budget overruns or under runs upon receipt of bids.
  • Re-evaluate project cost risk and refine contingency profile. 

  • Perform cost-benefit studies to determine the optimum design solutions for key elements, components and systems.

  • Provide independent peer review of cost estimates provided by the design team or contractors and analyze residual cost risks.
  • Act as the your representative to validate costs and maintain overall construction budget

  • Reconcile bid documents and control estimate with contractor bids, support bid leveling negotiations.
  • Provide robust change management, cost reporting and forecasting through building commissioning.
  • Litigation and arbitration support.

Project Management Support

This project is yours, and you rightly need to have ownership of it, but do you have the strength in depth of resources to fully staff a project on this scale? We can provide your management team with highly experienced, locally-oriented staff conditioned to all aspects of major projects through all phases and sensitive to the needs and goals of all the participants, especially you!

Our project management support provides vital, independent and professional service to plan, lead, organize and control the management of projects and programs from inception to reality.

In summary: 

We provide your project management with expert cost, schedule, risk and change management resources.
  • Assist resource planning and management of your design team, contractors, specialists and commissioning.
  • Coordinate document management and project reporting.
  • Support vendor / contractor selection and bid management.
  • Assist throughout the construction administration phase in all functions.
  • Review requisitions and change orders.
  • Analysis construction claims.
  • Review progress schedule

We ensure that you and your project management team face no surprises!

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